1992 Parisian squatters’ protest

October 14, 2017 Chief Translator 0

This came through the FB translators group. It’s a flyer from a group of Parisian squatters, probably associated with the squats at the Récollets Convent, which were evicted to make way for new development. It refers to the abolition of a law suspending evictions during the winter months.  

Theory of Property (Ms. 2847) page 36

May 24, 2017 Chief Translator 0

NOTE: The opening line and list of works to be summarized appears in the “Notice” of the editors, at the beginning of the published edition. The next two lines appear unused in that edition, and the remainder of the text appears, with some minor changes, just before the material from pages 1-2 of Ms. 2846, near the end of Chapter I.

Theory of Property (Ms. 2846) pages 3-6

May 22, 2017 Chief Translator 0

NOTE: The third page of the manuscript returns to the text of Pologne, Part I and the pagination continues from the end of Chapter VI. The summary provided many of the chapter and section title for the published version. The final section, “Un mot aux Polonais,” seems to be missing.

Theory of Property (Ms. 2846) page 1

May 21, 2017 Chief Translator 0

NOTE: This “Dedicace” appears, with some reordering of paragraphs and some emphases added, as the final section of Chapter I in the published edition, pp. 65-66. In Ms. 2846, it has been inserted, along with the next page, between the pages numbered 165 and 166.